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To learn more about "Ambition" please visit the Ambition Media Page or play three free episodes below.
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Episode 1:
"The Desperate Dad"

Ted straps dynamite to his chest and looks for his ex-wife whom, he believes, has abducted his kids.

Episode 2:
"The Hitch-hiker"

Yale and Helen are in the midst of a marital dispute when Ted intervenes.




Episode 3:
"The Psychological Assessment"

Ted tries to prove he's sane.


Episode 4:
"The Tryst" - Part 1

Yale and Angie cross "the point of no return" in their affair.


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Episode 5:
"The Tryst" - Part 2
"A Woman Scorned"

Heaven has no rage, like love to hatred turn'd, Nor Hell a fury, like a woman scorn'd.


Episode 6:
"The Suspects"

You are the detective investigating a murder. Choose your suspect and make an arrest before being killed yourself.


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Episode 7:
"The Interrogation" - Part 1

She's smart, beautiful and morally derranged. The Lusty Barfly on 'ludes.


Episode 8: "The
Interrogation" - Part 2

You will learn enough here to make an arrest but not enough to secure a conviction. Bridget isn't the only liar you've spoken too. The plot thickens.

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Episode 9:
"The Marriage Counsellor"

Yale and Helen have problems. They also have important information. In order to get the answers you'll have to help them with their marriage.

Episode 10:
"The Trial"

You will go one-on-one with all of the characters as you play a defense attorney at Bridget's trial. To win, you will need to prove her innocence and expose the real killer.

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One on one simulated negotiations with difficult people.

"Interview with a Vagabond"

The Vagabond wants you to lend him $200. He's got a ten step recovery plan and he's not going to take no for an answer.

"Customer Service"

Meet Lola. She really likes her job. She used to have an anger management problem. Now she smiles and passes the rage onto her clients.

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"The Raise"

Negotiate with your tight-wad boss to get the raise you deserve.


A tricky game of ethics and personal responsibility to yourself and the team.


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Nightmarish confrontations with twisted characters.

"The Lusty Barfly"

You've lost a very important video tape. An attractive woman has found it but she's not sure you deserve to get it back.

"The Suspicious Cop"

You're driving your friend's car who has a known substance abuse problem. You have no idea what's in the plastic bag on your seat but you don't care as long as you don't meet a cop.

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Challenging conflicts that you must help reslove.

"The Angry Neighbours"

Sonia and Jim are neighbours. Sonia has poisoned Jim's plants by the excessive use of weed killer on her side of the fence and Jim wants compensation.

"The Swearing Archer and the association"

An archer is up for suspension by his association for allegedly using bad language in a meet. You are the mediator.

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Episode 1:
"You're Fired"

You have to fire Ted from his job as a salesman at your book publishing company. You will learn how to deal with your feelings as well as his feelings which can become explosive.

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Negotiation Course

Become a more effective negotiatiator and earn a University Certificate. The course consists of 8 challenging simulated negotiations, theory and tips.

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