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"... the Stitt Feld Handy Group on-line course made me a better negotiator. ... three sessions, two hours at a time.... an efficient and effective professional development opportunity that I recommend enthusiastically."
Michael A. Wadsworth Q.C., Lawyer and former Athletic Director, Notre Dame University

Whether you are a seasoned negotiator wanting to polish your skills or a novice, this challenging, interactive course will improve your ability to negotiate.

In this course you will:

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Course Tour & Course Demo

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Course Tour

The Tour will walk you through all 8 excited and educcational modules.

Course Demo
"The Print Shop"

Try out your sills before taking the course with our Print Shop Demo.




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The course is made up of 8 modules, 7 of which are simulated negotiations that you will conduct with animated computer characters.

The characters make statements, ask questions, use difficult tactics, express strong emotions, and otherwise create difficulties for you.

You will have to react to what the character says, answer questions, ask other questions, and try to negotiate the best deal. If you do not negotiate the best deal, you will be told why, and asked to try again. If you get stuck, a "help feature" will point you in the right direction.

In the simulated negotiations, you can experiment and act in ways that you would never consider in the real world. You will learn not only from your successes, but also from your 'failures'.

Once you have negotiated the best deal, you will be able to review Notes setting out the theory of why a particular approach was successful and discussing how the concepts you have used can be applied in the real world. The Notes also provide tips for future negotiations. You will be able to download all 67 pages of the Notes at the end of the course and therefore have a short book to keep as reference material.

The material taught in this course is based on the material presented in the three-day the Stitt Feld Handy Group public Negotiation Workshops.

The cost for the course and the certificate is$279CDN + GST (outside Canada $249 US).

You can register on-line with our secure credit card processing or you can register by fax or by phone.

To find out what you will learn in the on-line course, please take our course tour.

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"I surprised myself when I realized I had sat for 5 1/2 hours and completed the course in one sitting -- that more or less proves how engaging it was. Fabulous! Certainly informative and very educational, while easy and fun to use."
Lynn Catzman Educator and former teacher

Who Should Attend

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Executives, managers, professionals, sales people, Real estate agents, Property Managers, entrepreneurs, customer service representatives, teachers, students and executive assistants will all become more effective in their jobs and as a result worth more to their employers after taking this course.

"One of the most worthwhile programs that I have ever taken, (and I've taken a lot of courses and seminars). I know it will help me in my business day."
Harvey Frankel Real Esate Planner and Sales Representative

Cost & Registration

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The cost for the course and the certificate is $295 CDN + GST (outside Canada $239 US).

There are many ways to register on or offline. Please vist are registration pages from more details.

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"... the skills I learned from the Stitt Feld Handy Group... have saved me (and my company) millions of dollars by helping me achieve better results... "
Michael Davis President Responsive Marketing Group


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The On-line course is made up of Flash files of up to 1.8 megs in size. People using dial up connections and 56k modems may have to wait several minutes before each module downloads to their computers. In order to take this course you will need the following:

  • The Macromeida Flash Player 6 plugin or higher. (Available free from
  • Netscape (version 7) or Internet Explorer (version 5) or higher.
  • An internet connection with a modem speed of at least 56k.
  • A computer screen with at least 800 x 600 screen resolution.
  • A computer with processor speed of at least 500mghz.
  • At least 16 megs of RAM.

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"Excellent.The course gave the participant the opportunity to negotiate and make wrong choices but still be able to repeat the scenario to discover a better deal. The role playing done in the relative safety of your own office, without too much pressure, meant that I did not get frustrated and give up." Martha Barnes Senior Property Manager