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The Trial is finally complete. All five parts are now on-line for members.

Here are a few of the hundreds of reviews that we've received:

" So captivating and interesting. The story gets more difficult yet excitingly intriguing. Michael Gibson is a phenomenal writer and a brilliant storyteller. After this comment I will sign up for a year membership on the best Drama site on the net." Shawn, Newgrounds

" I cant get my head out of this tremendous game. I had a dream that i was the cop in the first episode and the judge in the second. It's awsome i love it and so does my mom." alex figueredo

"Part 4 of the Trial was entirely unexpected in a number of ways. Not only was the final verdict reached, but we were also thrown into the plot itself headfirst at the deep end, making sure each foot was meticulously placed, lest we were swallowed by it, becoming merely a blip in the sinister conspiracy taking place. Whereas first we hoped to uncover the diabolical injustices, we end up taking part in it ourselves! An excellent twist to an already excellent series. Well done, Michael, you've done it again!" Elurindel

This is one of the best interactive games I have ever played. Brilliant!"
Joe, UK

" I very much enjoyed the difficulty of this episode. Many of the answers were not what I expected them to be. Yet when Dr. Raleigh's ghost replied to "my" movements, they, quite suddenly made perfect sense, falling into Bridget's personality. Fantastic, all in all." Carrie

" This was indeed the best so far. The plot twists just keep coming. I mean when I think about where we've gone from "Suicide Bomber" to now, I never would have expected at the beginning that one day I'd be playing as Bridget's (of all people) confidante. This was totally great and amazing. My only problem was I got stuck in a loop for about 2 hours by listening to "Ask about her whereabouts and the bracelet" The first time I tried, I did push the dynamite question, but thought hoping the judge would let me confer with Bridget wouldn't happen. So I ended up using the answer feature :/ and found out I was on the right track in the first place. :) (after 2 hours) :P Great work! A true inspiration for writers and flash artists everywhere." Julian

"Great spine tingling  full of suspense you obviously spent a great deal of time and effort on this this episode certainly keeps you on edge and I cant wait to play the rest excellent job keep it up."
Branden, Canada


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